Yeah. ;-;

Ill still have classes like I did today and yesterday- the last time I was here there was a concert-type thing on Monday, and we only had classes until like noon. o.o They changed that last year, which kind of sucks, because it was cool to see what everybody had learned. ;u; Ah well. Itll still be a lot of fun, aha. xD

Its snowing a looooooot. :o Theyre scared the powers going to go out too, so I figured Id get this done and then shower so theyre both done. uvu

I got soaaaaked coming back to my room from last class. qoq My pants were so wet I actually had to change them. 

I think Ive managed to make friends with this guy named Cody too! ewe Hes really great, aha. xDD Ill tell you guys a little bit about him tomorrow if I can! :D

Anyway, I need to go have a shower, so Im going to stop writing for now. uvu

Bye guys! X3