Microsoft UI Automation enables assistive technology applications and automated testing tools to interact with the UI controls of other applications. This section explains the fundamental concepts that UI Automation is based on.
Microsoft UIオートメーションは、他のアプリケーションのUIコントロールと対話するために支援技術アプリケーションおよび自動テストツールが有効になります。このセクションでは、UIオートメーションの基礎となる基本的な概念について説明します。

The UI Automation API is in two parts. One part is used by UI Automation provider applications, and the other is used by UI Automation client applications. The provider API enables developers of Microsoft Win32 custom control and other control frameworks to expose those controls to UI Automation and make them visible to client applications. The client API enables applications to interact with controls in other applications and retrieve information about them.