Friction drum concrete mixer range of applications Friction drum concrete mixer common in indoor operations, it is a type of concrete mixer drum. The drum-type concrete mixer according to the driving mode can be divided into: pulley drive and friction drive. Pulley drives common in JZC series drum mixers, friction drive is JZM a series of concrete mixer. Friction drum concrete mixer application range best selling products small concrete batch plant price is determined by their works. Concrete mixer friction rubber roller friction drive, low noise, smooth operation without slipping, operate, easy to move, good mixing quality, high efficiency, suitable for general construction sites, roads, bridges, utilities and other projects, especially for urban residents Area construction. The difference between forced concrete mixer single horizontal shaft and twin-shaft Forced into compulsory concrete mixer and twin-shaft compulsory two single horizontal axis, as the name implies, they are stirring shaft to distinguish between, Here to talk about their differences for everyone! Twin shaft compulsory concrete mixer, concrete mixing often mixing station as host to use, it is a horizontal concrete mixer, twin shaft concrete mixer Zhengzhou Lianhua production model is JS series, can not move. wtzb50 gasoline concrete vibrator hose Advantages of twin-shaft reflected in production efficiency than single horizontal axis to have some different models to meet the needs of different concrete mixing station. Single horizontal shaft concrete mixer, is mobile, bottom mounted wheels can move around. It uses electric discharge door, unloading quickly and cleanly, for small and medium engineering, precast plant and other construction units. Precautions concrete mixer First of all, the workers operating concrete mixers must undergo professional safety training, examination certificates. Secondly, when the hopper elevators, prohibited under the hopper or through work, clean up fighting pit, the hopper should be cleaned before double insurance hook hanging in prison. Third, the operation allowed to use the tool into the material stirred barrel Pa. hzs35 concrete batch plant china factory supply Fourth, the mixer will scrub clean inside and outside the class, will raise the hopper, hanging hook firmly double insurance, wind up its power, the gates locked box. In addition, non-maintenance concrete mixer in operation. Maintenance mixers, must wind up its power, lock gates boxes, hanging good "someone is working non-closing" card, and send someone custody. As long as we grasp Precautions good concrete mixer, then it will greatly reduce the possibility of accidents! Therefore, during operation of the concrete mixer, construction workers should strictly follow the requirements do!